The Dallas Cowboys are set to kick off the 2022-23 regular season this coming week.

It goes without saying that this is a big year for the franchise.

Quarterback Dak Prescott is back and healthy. He played well enough to justify his massive contract last season, but failed to lead Dallas deep into the playoffs the way many hoped he would.

Over the summer Prescott has been working tirelessly to right last year’s wrong. But he isn’t the only one.

Prescott’s girlfriend, Natalie Buffett, has also been quite busy over the offseason. While her beau has been getting ready for what’s to come in 2022-23 by practicing, she has been getting her mind right on various trips.

This week, Buffett showed off some photos from her most recent adventure:

And this isn’t an isolated incident. Whether she is sharing her crazy vacation photos, provocative Halloween costumes or notable adventure snaps — it feels like Buffett is always going viral for something or other these days.

Plus, that is to say nothing of just her general Instagram offerings:

This is a woman who once got Prescott’s name on her butt, so you know she is down for whatever.

This is going to be a massive year for both Buffett and Prescott.

Last season Prescott recorded 37 passing scores — a career best. He also put up 4,449 passing yards, a total that proved to be a smidge less than what he amassed in 2019-20.

Obviously he will aim to better than that this season, but that likely isn’t the main priority. Issue No. 1 will be ensuring that what happened in the postseason against the San Francisco 49ers does not happen again.

Whether he will be able to do that successfully or not remains to be seen.

If Prescott has a big year and can lead the Cowboys deep in the playoffs, he and Buffett will turn into the NFL’s biggest power couple.

Will that end up happening?

Time will tell.

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