Dave Coulier Plays Emotional Voicemail Bob Saget Left Him a Year Before His Death: Watch

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Dave Coulier will never forget the kindness Bob Saget showed him throughout their friendship. During the March 29 episode of the Full House Rewind podcast, Dave, 64, praised his longtime co-star for his actions away from any camera.

“The biggest hugger I knew was Bob Saget,” the actor shared. “If you were going through a tough time, Bob was there for you.”

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When Dave’s brother, Danny, died of suicide in 2021, Bob was the first person who called and left a voicemail.

“It was an audio hug,” Dave explained of the call. “I love Bob and he loved me too.”

To close the show, the Real Ghostbusters star played the voicemail message that Bob left in hopes of inspiring listeners to be more compassionate to those they care about.

“I know it’s not a time to call, but I’m right here 24/7 right now, right here,” Bob said in the clip. “I love you Dave, and I’m so sorry, Dave. I loved him. I’m so sorry. So I’m here. I’m here 24/7, just call me any time. Doesn’t have to be now, it can be a week, whenever. I can just talk to you and listen. I love you so much.”

The touching memory comes more than two years after Bob tragically died in a Florida hotel room due to head trauma. He was 65.

Dave Coulier shared how Bob Saget was always there for him, especially during tough times. When Dave’s brother passed away, Bob was the first person to reach out and offer support. Dave played a voicemail from Bob on a podcast, where Bob expressed his love and readiness to listen at any time. This heartwarming moment shows the strong bond between the two friends, even after Bob’s untimely death.

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