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By Man Faulconbridge

MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday delivered a nuclear warning to the West over Ukraine, suspending a landmark nuclear arms management treaty, saying new strategic techniques had been placed on fight obligation and warning that Moscow may resume nuclear assessments.

What’s Russia’s nuclear arsenal, how huge is it and who instructions it?


Russia, which inherited the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons, has the world’s greatest retailer of nuclear warheads.

Putin controls round 5,977 such warheads as of 2022, in comparison with 5,428 managed by U.S. President Joe Biden, in line with the Federation of American Scientists.

Round 1,500 of these warheads are retired (however in all probability nonetheless intact), 2889 are in reserve and round 1588 are deployed strategic warheads.

About 812 are deployed on land-based ballistic missiles, about 576 on submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and round 200 at heavy bomber bases, in line with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

America has round 1644 deployed strategic nuclear warheads. China has a complete of 350 warheads, France 290 and the UK 225, in line with the Federation of American Scientists.

Such numbers imply that each Moscow and Washington may destroy the world many occasions over.

Throughout the Chilly Warfare, the Soviet Union had a peak of round 40,000 nuclear warheads, whereas the U.S. peak was round 30,000 warheads.

The important thing, although, is the way to ship the weapon – the missiles, submarines and bombers that carry the warhead.

Russia seems to have about 400 nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles, which the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists estimate can carry as much as 1,185 warheads.

Russia operates 10 nuclear-armed nuclear submarines which may carry a most of 800 warheads. It has round 60 to 70 nuclear bombers.


America mentioned in its 2022 Nuclear Posture Evaluation that Russia and China have been increasing and modernising their nuclear forces, and that Washington would pursue an method based mostly on arms management to go off expensive arms races.

Putin mentioned he had info that the US was growing new varieties of nuclear weapons.

Russia has been modernising its nuclear weapons.

For the reason that Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, only some international locations have examined nuclear weapons, in line with the Arms Management Affiliation: America final in 1992, China and France final in 1996, India and Pakistan in 1998, and North Korea final in 2017.

The Soviet Union final examined in 1990.


The Russian president is the last word resolution maker with regards to utilizing Russian nuclear weapons, each strategic and non-strategic, in line with Russia’s nuclear doctrine.

The so-called nuclear briefcase, or “Cheget” (named after Mount Cheget within the Caucasus Mountains), is with the president always. The Russian defence minister, presently Sergei Shoigu, and the chief of the final workers, presently Valery Gerasimov, are additionally thought to have such briefcases.

Basically, the briefcase is a communication device which hyperlinks the president to his army high brass and thence to rocket forces through the extremely secret “Kazbek” digital command-and-control community. Kazbek helps one other system often called “Kavkaz”.

Footage proven by Russia’s Zvezda tv channel in 2019 confirmed what it mentioned was one of many briefcases with an array of buttons. In a bit referred to as “command” there are two buttons: a white “launch” button and a crimson “cancel” button. The briefcase is activated by a particular flashcard, in line with Zvezda.

If Russia thought it confronted a strategic nuclear assault, the president, through the briefcases, would ship a direct launch order to common workers command and reserve command models which maintain nuclear codes. Such orders cascade swiftly down completely different communications techniques to strategic rocket power models which then hearth at the US and Europe.

If a nuclear assault have been confirmed, Putin may activate the so-called “Useless Hand” or “Perimetr” system of final resort: basically computer systems would resolve doomsday. A management rocket would order nuclear strikes from throughout Russia’s huge armoury.

(Reporting by Man Faulconbridge; Enhancing by Christina Fincher)

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