For this installment of Phantom Limbs, we’ll be diving again into the I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season franchise with filmmaker Mike Mendez, the director at the back of The Convent, The Gravedancers and Giant Ass Spider!. As Mendez famous all the way through a up to date look at the Best Films Never Made podcast, he had pitched to put in writing and direct a sequel to the unique 1997 movie, a challenge which in the end become Danny Cannon’s Bahamas-set I Nonetheless Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season. Whilst Mendez notes that he recollects little or no of his pitch, what he does recall makes for a a laugh and engaging peek into a longtime style filmmaker’s tackle a well known horror assets.

Right through our transient however energetic chat, Mendez touched on how he got here to pitch at the challenge, what his take used to be, and why it in the long run didn’t occur.

“I’m no longer certain that is worthy of a piece of writing,” Mendez admits, giggling. “You inform me. It is a thought from 25 years in the past that I slightly be mindful, however I do be mindful getting into there to pitch on I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season 2: Electrical Boogaloo. This used to be in 1997, kind of. It used to be proper when I had had my first movie [the intense horror/thriller Killers] on the Sundance Movie Pageant, and Scream used to be all of the rage at the moment … I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season used to be popping out. So [the sequel] appeared like a logical option to pitch, ’motive I used to be doing numerous conferences and doing the rounds.”

Ben Willis/The Fisherman in I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Ben Willis/The Fisherman in I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season (1997)

Used to be Mendez accustomed to Lois Duncan’s unique 1973 supply novel prior to tackling his take? “No, no. I imply, in truth, it used to be a response to the film being a large hit. I used to be roughly towards the PG-13 factor anyway. I imply, Scream clearly set a precedent, but it surely all the time pissed off me that such a lot of others that adopted went the PG-13 course. Slasher motion pictures without a blood are like porn motion pictures without a intercourse. So I simply don’t get it. I used to be sufficiently old to have lived in the course of the unique 80s slasher craze. So the poppy, shiny roughly modernizations of them I wasn’t the most important fan of, so I sought after to position in just a little little bit of the extra oldschool kills and cross just a little extra conventional and cause them to horrifying once more, you already know?”

Mendez notes that he wasn’t simply pitching to direct I Nonetheless Know…, however used to be hoping to put in writing the challenge as neatly. “It used to be an unique concept that I pitched. On the time, I used to be very a lot into making little rip reels and lookbooks … and I had additionally made a lookbook [for I Know 2]. I used to be very large into gimmicky stuff. So there used to be the hook that used to be at the entrance of the duvet, and it pulled out to open and feature the pitch inside of.”

I Know What You Did Last Summer 2 Mike Mendez

Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) attempt to continue to exist the Fisherman’s wrath in I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season (1997)

And what did Mendez’s pitch entail? “From what I be mindful, my thought used to be mainly this: Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s persona [Julie James] went off to school. It used to be enjoying off of that factor that Freddie Prinze Jr. [Ray] says to her within the first film, one thing like ‘I’ll all the time be there, I’ll all the time be gazing over you,’ one thing like that. It’s in fact roughly creepy, the best way he says it.”

Mendez finds that this creepiness would have prolonged to the nature’s portrayal in his sequel, as Ray would have grow to be dangerously jealous of Julie being in faculty, assembly different guys. When the killings get started up once more, the target market would were left to wonder whether the perpetrator used to be Ben Willis, the Fisherman who terrorized Julie and her pals within the unique movie, or most likely Ray, pushed to homicide by way of his obsession with Julie. “It used to be enjoying on that concept of, ‘Is it the unique killer? Or is it a jealous Freddie Prinze Jr.?’”

A decidedly moodier Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) from I Nonetheless Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season (1998)

Because the our bodies start piling up and “I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season” notes are flying about, Julie struggles with trusting the person she loves, understanding he could possibly be the killer this time round. As the tale would have barreled towards its conclusion, a surprising twist would have spread out: Ben Willis has returned because the villainous Fisherman…however Ray has been killing Julie’s pals as neatly. “So there are two Fisherman killers which might be each seeking to kill Julie,” Mendez laughs.

The climax to this unexpected slasher would have paid homage to any other iconic slasher franchise as neatly, Mendez finds. “It leads to roughly an homage to Kid’s Play 3, in a large funhouse with each killers seeking to get her. However additionally they hate every different, so the killers can be doping up, seeking to battle every different, in addition to nonetheless seeking to get her. I sought after to make it a large, zany setpiece that had numerous scares. I do be mindful creating a video reel of it … the use of numerous clips from The Funhouse and Childs Play 3.”

Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) takes intention in I Nonetheless Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season (1998)

Mendez additionally notes that he’s sure he would have concluded his sequel with the potential for having much more follow-ups, noting that he recollects Ray demise and Ben Willis escaping to stalk Julie any other day. “I’m a kid of the 80s! I do know that loss of life isn’t the top. It’s all the time designed for the killer to leap out on the finish.

“In order that used to be the theory. The our bodies would upward push, there can be a school slasher component, there can be two killers, there can be a funhouse concerned, it will be a lot more a laugh. Simply one thing just a little other and extra amped than the primary one. However fuck it, what do I do know? They despatched them to the Bahamas!”

I Know What You Did Last Summer 2

Ben Willis/The Fisherman (Muse Watson) returns in I Nonetheless Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season (1998)

So in the long run, what took place with Mendez’s I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season 2 (because the filmmaker recollects it being formally referred to)? “I don’t assume it went very a ways. I believe it used to be rejected instantly. Once more, how can I beat the Bahamas and Jack Black in dreadlocks?

A habitual theme with contemporary Phantom Limbs articles is filmmakers and showrunners by no means being given a concrete “No” from studios when their tasks don’t transfer ahead. Used to be this Mendez’s revel in as neatly? “, you cross in, you do your pitch, and you then don’t pay attention anything else. Then months later, they announce so-and-so is directing and also you cross, ‘Oh. I suppose I didn’t get it.’”

Having a look again on his transient brush with the franchise, Mendez supplies his ultimate ideas on his I Know 2 pitch. “I slightly spent any time on it. It used to be a failed pitch of me seeking to get a gig that I didn’t get. There are loads of the ones, and I’m certain loads each day that occur in Hollywood. So there’s not anything specifically out of the peculiar in this one. I gave my pitch, for no matter reason why they didn’t find it irresistible, and so they [made the film they did].

“I do have a bloodlust, so I’m certain [his take] would’ve been stuffed with numerous kills, and I comprehend it would’ve been geared in opposition to being extra a laugh and scarier than the primary, in order that’s all I will say. It’s no longer one thing I cry myself to sleep over going, ‘Guy, if best I had finished that I Know What You Did Ultimate Summer season sequel.’”

Very particular due to Mike Mendez for his time and insights.

This has been Phantom Limbs, a habitual function which takes a take a look at meant but unproduced horror sequels and remakes – extensions to style motion pictures we adore, appendages to horror franchises that we love – that had been unfortunately lopped off prior to making it past the making plans phases. Right here, we chat with the creators of those unmade extremities to realize their distinctive perception into those follow-ups that by no means had been, with the discussions status as with a bit of luck illuminating however definitely painful reminders of what may were.

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