Rebel Wilson Reveals She Briefly Tried Ozempic & Explains Why the Drug Can ‘Be Good’

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Rebel Wilson is opening up about her health. The 44-year-old Pitch Perfect franchise star is releasing her memoir, Rebel Rising, and it unpacks several personal details from her life. During a recent interview, she revealed that she struggled with eating habits and therefore tried Ozempic to lose weight.

“I wasn’t dealing with my emotions properly, I was just stuffing my face and holding on to them,” Rebel told The Sunday Times in an interview published on Sunday, March 31, telling the publication that she was on Ozempic for a brief time. “Someone like me could have a bottomless appetite for sweets, so I think those drugs can be good,” she added.

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The How to Be Single actress also pointed out that she feels “strongly that young women shouldn’t try to obsess over looking like Victoria’s Secret models — they should just look like themselves.”

“I know that my relationship with food is complicated,” she continued.

Rebel explained in her memoir how she developed her past eating habits, citing her abusive late father as the catalyst. He died in 2013. While describing one incident with him, Rebel claimed that he hit her as a child and got mad at her mother for trying to name her Rebel when her real name was Melanie.

“‘I’m going to choke you and kill you if you say one more thing, Melanie,’” Rebel wrote in her memoir about what her father allegedly told her years ago. “‘I’m going to throttle you.’”

Rebel Wilson is talking about her health. The 44-year-old actress from the “Pitch Perfect” movies wrote a book called “Rebel Rising” where she shares personal stories. In a recent interview, she mentioned using Ozempic to help with her weight loss because she struggled with eating habits.

Rebel shared that she used to eat a lot to cope with her emotions instead of dealing with them properly. She believes medications like Ozempic can be helpful for people like her who have a big sweet tooth. She also encouraged young women to embrace their own bodies instead of trying to look like models.

In her book, Rebel revealed how her difficult relationship with food started, which she attributes to her abusive father who passed away in 2013. She recalled a scary moment from her childhood where her father threatened her for wanting to be called Rebel instead of her real name, Melanie.

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