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Ariana Grande’s Brother Frankie Defends Her From Cannibalism Rumors: ‘Lowest Y’all Have Ever Gone’

 Clara  July 12, 2024

Frankie Grande has stepped up as a supportive brother after a comment was made about his sister Ariana being a…

Ariana Grande Says Brother Frankie’s Nose Job Is ‘Perfect’

 Clara  July 9, 2024

Ariana Grande was in supportive sister mode after Frankie Grande revealed on Instagram that he got a nose job done….

Khloe Kardashian Shares Rare Glimpse at Brother Rob on Her 40th Birthday in New Video

 Clara  June 28, 2024

Khloé Kardashian is thankful for the past 40 years, as she shared memories with her family — including brother Rob…

Jason Kelce Praises Brother Travis Kelce’s “Wonderful” Relationship with Taylor Swift

 Clara  June 28, 2024

Brotherly instincts are kicking in for Jason Kelce as he shared he is “supportive” of his brother Travis’ “wonderful” relationship…

Brother Marquis: 5 Things to Know About the 2 Live Crew Rapper Dead at 58

 Clara  June 4, 2024

Brother Marquis, the rapper of 2 Live Crew fame, has died at 58. The emcee from the controversial group’s passing…