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Austin Butler Reveals Which ‘Hunger Games’ Role He Auditioned for

 Clara  June 27, 2024

Austin Butler may be an award-winning actor, but even he can’t get every highly coveted role. During a recent interview…

Angel Reese Seemingly Shades Caitlin Clark in New Interview: ‘I’ll Take the Bad Guy Role’

 Clara  June 4, 2024

Angel Reese owned up to being the “bad guy” while discussing Caitlin Clark and how she has affected the WNBA in a postgame…

Elisabeth Moss Explains How She Prepared for Her Complex MI6 Role in ‘The Veil’ (Exclusive Interview)

 Clara  April 24, 2024

Elisabeth Moss etched June Osborne into television history with The Handmaid’s Tale, but it was time for another venture with…