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The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Naomi Campbell’s Spaceship House

One of the most interesting homes on this list belongs to supermodel Naomi Campbell. Her “Spaceship Mansion” is nearly 29,000 square feet of futuristic sci-fi wonder. With its smooth curves and a design combining glass, steel, and white marble it looks like something out of Star Trek. The home has two towers reaching sixty-five feet. It has a bridge as well, which juts out not dissimilar from an actual spaceship.

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Naomi’s boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, personally tapped designer Zaha Hadid to design this feat of architectural wonder. Hadid is known for her futuristic and hyper-modern style. She even built a Batman speedboat relying on high-tech technology. She also made a Star Trek Fleet, which was likely some of the inspiration for this futuristic home. 

Value: $126.53 million
Location: Russia
Highlight: Futuristic Design 

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