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The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Mansion

The king and queen of music known as Jay-Z and Beyoncé made a whopper of a real estate investment in 2017. They bought this brand-new, fully furnished mega-mansion located in the sunny hills of Bel-Air, California. They paid $88 million against a $135 asking price – but when you’re Beyoncé, you probably get what you want.

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This ultra-modern dream home was designed by legendary developer Dean McKillen. The most notable features are obviously its plateau-driven deco design. The elevated terraces accompany a full basketball court, four pools, and tons of health rooms. Oh, and by the way, every pane of glass in the house is bulletproof. Not that the Carters are paranoid or anything.

Value: $88 Million
Location: Bel Air, CA
Highlight: Bulletproof Windows

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