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Armed with billions of {dollars}’ price of American weapons, Ukraine has fought the Russians to a standstill. However U.S. Protection Secretary Lloyd Austin says that is not ok. “The Ukrainians really feel – and I agree with this – that they should conduct an offensive to alter the dynamics on the battlefield,” he mentioned. “I believe we will anticipate an offensive within the spring.”

The primary yr of warfare has been a debacle for Vladimir Putin. However until Ukraine can drive Russian troops again from their entrenched positions, he’ll maintain combating. “The one factor that can cease the warfare is that if he turns into satisfied that he cannot win,” mentioned CBS Information advisor John Sullivan, who was the U.S. ambassador in Moscow firstly of the warfare. He watched as sanctions imposed by the Biden administration hit the Russian financial system.

Martin requested, “Are sanctions inflicting a degree of ache that he cannot reside with?”

“Completely not,” Sullivan replied. “Their view is they’ll endure something. They’ve; the Russian folks have endured something. It is a level of delight for Putin.”

“Is the warfare in any respect changing into unpopular?”

“In Russia, amongst Russians? No,” Sullivan mentioned. “What I noticed after I was there was a those that had been ready, over a long time, to imagine the worst of the USA.”

Next few months crucial for Ukraine’s spring counteroffensive, top Pentagon officials say

American protection crops are doing their finest to forge weapons getting used to kill Russians in Ukraine. One ammunition plant in Scranton, Pa., is popping out artillery shells as quick as it will probably. Douglas Bush, the U.S. Military’s chief weapons purchaser, mentioned, “Artillery, ammunition and every little thing that goes with it’s most likely our primary effort.”

“Why is artillery your primary precedence?” requested Martin.

“It is essentially the most in demand. As a result of they’re combating a battle with out an air pressure, primarily all of their hearth help is from artillery. So, they’re utilizing it at charges that exceed, for instance, how we’d combat.”

Relying upon the day, mentioned Bush, Ukrainian forces are firing between 3,000 and 5,000 a day. “That exceeds what we make on a given day, which is why we’re dramatically growing our manufacturing charges.”

 / Credit: CBS News

/ Credit score: CBS Information

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The U.S. has already rushed greater than one million artillery shells and practically 40 long-range rocket methods right into a warfare that has develop into an artillery duel between two dug-in armies, all sides attempting to exhaust the opposite.

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Austin mentioned, “The Russians have had, you recognize, huge stockpiles of artillery munitions through the years, they usually’ve depleted these stockpiles in a serious means. We see them reaching out to nations like North Korea and Iran for extra munitions. That tells us that they’re hurting in a serious means.”

Long-range rockets have extended the reach of Ukrainian forces.  / Credit: CBS News

Lengthy-range rockets have prolonged the attain of Ukrainian forces. / Credit score: CBS Information

However even with the backing of the American protection trade, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy can’t rely on outlasting Russia, which has 3 times the inhabitants. So, the U.S. is now transport Bradley infantry combating automobiles to the battle. Bush mentioned, “What you are seeing are present efforts to help them with extra offensive functionality on the bottom, a capability to maneuver below hearth.”

100 Bradleys, armed with a rapid-fire cannon and anti-tank missiles, are on their strategy to Ukraine, together with tanks promised by 10 different nations. Nonetheless, if Russian troopers stand and combat, Ukraine might be hard-pressed to interrupt by means of their elaborate community of trenches and tank traps.

These are the tanks Ukraine will get from the U.S. and Europe

Russian forces, mentioned Austin, “are dug in throughout a large space. They can not completely defend each inch of that, and the best way that this combat goes will rely on the Ukrainians.”

“Is that this warfare solely going to get bloodier?” requested Martin.

“It is fairly bloody proper now,” mentioned Austin. “I believe we have now to recollect, David, that daily there are Ukrainians which might be dying.”

And daily Putin throws extra untrained and poorly-equipped troopers into locations like Bakhmut, the place 4,500 Russians have been killed for little acquire.

On the front line in Ukraine, where soldiers are “literally tossing grenades at each other” (“CBS Mornings”)

And that is only a fraction of their total losses.

A Ukrainian serviceman from the 93rd brigade stands near a pile of empty mortar shell containers, in Bakhmut, February 15, 2023. / Credit: YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images

A Ukrainian serviceman from the 93rd brigade stands close to a pile of empty mortar shell containers, in Bakhmut, February 15, 2023. / Credit score: YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP by way of Getty Photos

Sullivan mentioned that, based on Western navy estimates, there have been 200,000 Russians killed or wounded thus far. “That is a rare quantity. In comparison with what Putin’s ready to sacrifice? A fraction of that.”

Martin requested, “Backside line: can Russia sustain this meat grinder type of warfare?”

“I am sorry to say, however the reply is sure,” Sullivan replied. “[Putin] is all-in, and he isn’t quitting.”

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Story produced by Mary Walsh. Editor: George Pozderec.

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