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Top 10 The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

6. Rihanna’s Mansion

Pop superstar Rihanna owns a ton of real estate across the world. But the one with the biggest price tag – and our favorite, anyway – is undeniably her $21.8 million home in Barbados. Rihanna fell in love with the manor after renting it to visit her family. She purchased it within the year. Located right on one of the most gorgeous beach spots in the Caribbean, this exclusive getaway is designed by Rihanna for personal family time. 

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It can accommodate nearly her entire family. As you might imagine, it also comes with all the essentials for a superstar pop idol: a massive gym, round-the-clock service, and more balconies than you can shake your hips at. Considering Rihanna grew up in Barbados, we can imagine this home holds a very special personal significance to her.

Value: $21.8 Million
Location: Barbados
Highlight: Private Caribbean Beachfront Access

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