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Top 10 The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

4. Tom Cruise’s Mansion

Action star Tom Cruise has a home just as rugged as he is: a gorgeous mansion tucked into the mountains near Telluride. It sports some of the most gorgeous natural beauty you can buy for $59 million. This includes a private trail for motocross, horse stables, and panorama views of the mountains.

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This fancy slice of real estate also sports a private helipad on the grounds. Just in case Cruise needs to attend a Hollywood meeting immediately – or perhaps practice a helicopter-based action sequence. Who knows! The interior sports seven bedrooms (with nine bathrooms), and boasts several game rooms and libraries. Think of it as an expensive log cabin. A very very very expensive log cabin.

Value: $59 Million
Location: Telluride, CO
Highlight: Private Motocross Trail

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