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Top 10 The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

 2. Robert Downey Jr.’s Windmill House

Yes, it’s true. Robert Downey Jr. lives inside a huge, real-life windmill. The actor and his wife bought this bizarre slice of history the instant it hit the market. Up until it was their private home, it was known as the historic DeRose Windmill House. Downey Jr. bought the manor a few years ago and completely modernized the interior in just 6 weeks. 

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As you can see, though, the charming exterior seems almost perfectly preserved in history. Except for the huge, green praying mantis sculpture in the front yard (go figure). The home was originally intended to be a children’s playroom. But never one for normalcy, the Downeys transformed it into fun for the whole family. There’s even a massive bathroom adorned with purple polka dots!

Value: $13.5 Million
Location: The Hamptons, NY
Highlight: Living Inside a 19th Century Windmill

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