There are several videos that are viral and circulating from Aaron Rodgers' recent interview with Bill Maher.

One of them has Rodgers talking about the broadcasting team comprised of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman that aired the no. #1 match on FOX for many years prior to moving to ESPN in the offseason.

Rodgers is clear that his love for both men. When Maher agrees, Rodgers casually drops that there are many who dislike Buck.

Maher is stunned Maher is astonished, but Rodgers insists that there are many soccer fans that "hate" the play-by-play man. Rodgers is not one of them.

"I think he's awesome. I'm a big Joe Buck fan," Rodgers stated. Rodgers is absolutely right in stating that there's an insignificant number of football fans that aren't a fan of Buck.

It's mainly because they believe he's biased towards their team of choice. However, Buck, and Aikman as well--must

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also do something right in order for ESPN to be so determined to pursue them while paying them so well as they do.