Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers got his first tattoo last week.

Aaron Rodger Girlfriend

Internet researchers have come to the conclusion that Rodgers's "new tattoo" may have been an inspiration from his rumored girlfriend.

We can confirm that Aaron Rodgers and his purported new girlfriend, Blu of Earth (actual name) are now sporting identical tattoos by this same tattoo artist.

Or, we're either going to smash and burn or are blessed with the power of magic on our side. The only way to know is time," one fan tweeted.

It is a cool tattoo, but relationship-inspired permanent ink is always a risky proposition.

Aaron Rodger Girlfriend

It's definitely a great piece of content, but you must be able to acknowledge that.

Aaron Rodger Girlfriend

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Maybe we'll see a more impressive Aaron Rodgers on the field in the 2022's season.