Aaron Taylor-Johnson opens up about the bloody wound that he sustained when filming a stunt in Bullet Train, which is currently in theaters.

Actor 32 was referred to a hospital even though the actor wanted to continue filming!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Injury

I was following a wild Keto regimen," Aaron said to the magazine Variety. "Because I was all skinny and scrawny for this, I suffered from lower blood sugars. 

We were involved in an argument and I was dropped throughout the space. The one point of the corner without any padding took a large chunk from my hand.

Then I went absolutely in a whirlwind and then passed out. Then I returned and asked "Should we come back and ask them a question?'

They were as if they said 'No, no not a chance. You need to go for stitches in the hospital. That's why I stayed the night in the hospital.

"You know when you're signed up for the David Leitch film, you're aware that you must get a few battle marks," he added. "Some battle wounds."