Aaron Taylor Johnson made a recent appearance at the 75th Locarno Film Festival. The actor, who is 32 years old, was presented with his new movie Bullet Train.

Taylor-Johnson, speaking with Variety about the ongoing Swiss fest in Switzerland, couldn't resist praising his Bullet Train star, Brad Pitt. He called him a "humble, gracious human being".

Aaron Taylor-Johnson believes that Brad Pitt is in a "new chapter" of his life. The Kraven The Hunter actor explained that he just wants 

to bring joy and light into the world and to be with people who have fun. Aaron spoke about the commonality of the actors as co-stars.

He said, "You work alongside many actors and you start taking notes: 'I will definitely not work with that person ever again. Brad also has this list: the "good" list and the "s**t" list.

It's hard not to speculate about who Brad Pitt has on his "s**tlist" of actors that he will never work with again. Are you ready to guess?!