Abigail Spencer enters a new year of gratitude. The actor, who has appeared in many touchstone shows including "Grey's Anatomy",

"Mad Men" and "Grey's Anatomy", will be celebrating her 41st birthday this August 4.

Abigail Spencer  Anxiety

"I feel compelled by reflection on the past year and setting intentions & visions for the future to share more with you," she said.

Spencer stated. "That week was life-changing and radical." Although she was ready to start her milestone year, it would prove to be her most difficult.

She said, "I entered the most difficult year of my entire life." It nearly killed me. If I hadn't been trained for my mind, body, and spirit,

and had surrounded me with incredible friends & healers to help me through it, I don't believe I would have made it.

Spencer did not give details, but she did talk about the stress and anxiety that she experienced,

Abigail Spencer

which sometimes made her sick or prevented her from going out for days. "Stress nearly took my life. It felt like my inner organs were being ravaged by stress. Some days, 

I couldn't even get up from the ground. Fear & loss had gripped me. Anxiety would hold me captive. She said, "In the fight for my life." "Everything was so difficult.

I felt like a shell of myself. The worst part was that I felt alone," she stated. "Cut off the divine, floating through time & space.

This was the worst thing I had ever done to myself since the death of my father. I wasn't doing well. A volcano ready to erupt. It was not easy for me to fall in love