Al Roker has shared some heartbreaking news with his wife Deborah Roberts. Roberts posted on

 Al Roker 

Instagram to mourn Annette, her older sister who suffered from Alzheimer's disease for many years.

Al Roker And Wife

The warmth of the warm light has gone from my family. The ABC journalist captioned the photos of Annette. 

Annette, my oldest sister, has passed away. After fighting Alzheimer's for five to six years, she finally succumbed to complications that took away all that made Annette so special.

She said that Annette was my role model throughout my childhood. She was the first person in her family to attend college.

She looked like a movie star to everyone around her. She is the reason I love high fashion. She is to blame.

She bought the most exquisite ready-to-wear clothes at Vanity Fair, a high-end boutique in her town after she had gotten a job at Ft. 

Valley State College. Never had I seen so many beautiful dresses, scarves, or shoes. Annette was always a picture of elegance. 

She was also a firm believer in order and cleanliness. This might be why she became an account manager.

Roberts continued to describe her sister's life in Germany, where her husband served in the Air Force, and her time in Houston.

She said that her well-traveled sibling gave each of her siblings a set luggage when she graduated high school.

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