The embattled Former Washington football player Alex Smith and his family have been through enough.

Then they're faced with yet another obstacle. Smith revealed that his youngest child and sole daughter Sloane was suffering from a major medical emergency.

In the use of his Instagram, Smith said Sloane was brought to the hospital's emergency department on May 10, after having symptoms similar to those of a stroke. 

In the hospital, she was required to undergo an emergency craniotomy because of the presence of a brain tumor that was both massive and malignant.

The medical staff of Stanford Children's Health was able to eliminate 100% of the tumor during the 10 hours of treatment according to Smith.

It has been the most difficult experience we've ever experienced," Smith wrote while thanking doctors. "We are aware that it's not yet over,

and there are many more miles to go however, without our supporters, we would not be where we are today.

Smith as well as his spouse Elizabeth endured the difficult challenges that came with an injury to the leg of his son.

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However, Sloane's health situation is the "most difficult time" they've ever faced in the past, according Smith. Smith.