The congresswoman explained that in an interview with GQ that was published on September 7th, Wednesday,

that her relationship with Riley Roberts, who is white, raised concerns about her notion of identity and belonging.

Ocasio Cortez is a Nuyorican who is who is of Puerto Rican origin to and raised in New York. Through the course of her career in politics, 

she's faced discrimination based on race and gender from right-wing social media users as well as political figures alike.

Alexandria Ocasio

Ocasio-Cortez dated Roberts while they both were 19 and students at Boston University. When they first began their relationship they were unable to predict how their lives would be affected.

"For him to experience us dating when I was still working as a waitress and a bartender through now and seeing

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how the world responds [to me], I think has been a very eye-opening experience for him as well," the congresswoman spoke to GQ.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about relationship