In the midst of eight years of union, Vincent has filed for divorce from the Gilmore Girls actress, representatives for the actors inform News47.

According to court documents, Vincent filed on August 10 before the Putnam County Supreme Court in New York.

The couple first got acquainted during the filming of Mad Men where Alexis was a guest on a couple of episodes in 2012. 

In the following time, Alexis, as well as Vincent, were able to make their first red carpet appearance together their

first Macallan Masters of Photography collection which was launched on the floor of The Bowery Hotel in NYC.

It's something I've realized about one of the biggest things I've ever experienced," he said. If I make them available to the world and then

allow them to vent their anger and rage that they have to let out or the love that they wish to display It diminishes its value of it. 

It makes it less valuable and makes it weaker. It's also magical, love, and all it is...profoundly spiritual and it isn't right.

He continued, "I'm showing her photos and videos , and telling her what she can expect. We're having fun with each other.