Prior to when Alyssa Farah Griffin was chosen as The View's most recent host, she performed the thing every

good employee in the future should do. She got in touch with a former colleague who used to work at the show.

The 33-year-old California native spoke to PEOPLE at the moment that her View role was made public (Aug. 4,),

Alyssa Farah Griffin

revealing that prior to when the ABC Daytime Show's fans found out she was hired and was the co-host of the show, she contacted her former colleague, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, for some advice.

I had a wonderful discussion in conversation with Elisabeth," said Farah Griffin. "I am a big admirer of hers.

We're both Christians We're both believers and I've watched her for many years and that's why she was the ideal one I was hoping to meet before the announcement.

She told her, 'Own your chair. It's not just about representing yourself. You are you are alsoconservatives and right-of-center folks that are often within between

the lines of our country who find themselves feeling that their voices aren't being heard. Therefore, stand strong in your beliefs,

however, you must be respectful in your speech"" Farrah Griffin recalled. "And that's my goal. 

Alyssa Farah Griffin