Amanda Seyfried is supporting her husband Thomas Sadoski on his big night. the greatest of his new films 88 during the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday

For the event, Amanda looked quiet in a red get dress paired with red strappy heels at the same time as Thomas sported an all-black outfit.

Financial Director for One USA—a democratic notable PAC to elect presidential candidate Harold Roundtree (Orlando Jones).  

When Jackson discovers patterns in donations, he enlists the assistance of investment blogger Ira Goldstein (Sadoski) to dig deeper.  

Together, they find a conspiracy, and at the same time as new pro-Deputy Executive Director Fred Fowlkes (Michael J. Harney) wants to act, the head of One USA Agatha Frost (Amy Sloan) is hesitant.  

Meanwhile, talk show host Ron Holt (William Fichtner) drills Roundtree on campaign finance reform, Citizens United, and the collapse of City District Bank in which Roundtree was CEO.