If you think you've discovered the perfect method to work out on, reconsider as Amanda Seyfried has just revealed

the key to what could be the most fun exercise you've ever had. It doesn't require bicycles, weights, or treadmills.

The Dropout star shared hilarious IG footage of her latest naked foot pickleball match and it seemed like a lot of fun.

You can watch Amanda 36, throw the ball, then run back to the court and, of course, her legs looked completely sculptured during the clip.

"Pickle-ballin' better," Amanda captioned the picture. Then she had fans commenting on her fun exercise in the comments.

"Just when pickleball seemed like all the rage, you add the barefoot element," wrote one fan. "OMG UR DOING SO WELL," another commented. "Pickleball is life-changing," another said.

It's true that pickleball has become popular in recent times and is an easy method to keep your heart pumping when you're hanging out with your family and friends.

It's also pretty easy for players of all levels. It requires you to perform swift lateral moves and changes in direction while remaining in a slightly squat. Talk about the benefits of a leg workout.

For preparing for the game, you can do the lateral and lateral shuffling, bands, push-ups and bird dogs are great exercises for improving your game of pickleball,