Amanda Seyfried is speaking out about her first days in Hollywood. In a recent interview, the actress of 36 years spoke about the uncomfortable situations

she faced during her time as a child actress in addition to the pressures she experienced for her to "keep" working in the industry.

Being 19 and in public with no underwear on - do you think I'm kidding? What caused me to let this occur?" 

She told the outlet before taking a moment to pause in the middle of a mock discussion. "Oh I understand why I was 19 years old and

didn't want to cause any harm to anyone, and I was determined to keep my job. That's why.

Amanda Seyfried

She said that she came out of the pre-#MeToo period "pretty free of any injuries," Seyfried told the magazine that

she would have liked she had the opportunity to have come out in Hollywood at the moment, 

Amanda Seyfried

during the era of intimacy coordinators and in a time when actors are encouraged to voice their opinions.

In the past calendar year the Dropout star spoke about the subject in an interview with Marie Claire that she "felt disgusted" by male fans 

after the popularity that was the show Mean Girls in the quote from Karen Smith's song regarding predicting

weather conditions using her breasts. "I was 18 years old at the time," she said. young," she said. It was just gross.