Amanda Seyfried revealed that she auditioned for the part in the role of Glinda The Good in the adaptation film to "Wicked,"

which she did not win, and was replaced by American singer-actress Ariana Grande.

Amanda Seyfried recounts ‘Wicked’ audition

Seyfried recalls the audition when she was asked about what she thought was the "wildest thing" 

Amanda Seyfried

she did in order to land a part, in the exclusive interview she did on Backstage on 19 July.

Amanda Seyfried recounts ‘Wicked’ audition

I auditioned in person for the role of Glinda in the film version of the show," she was reported as having said.

"Because I was so excited about it to the point that I thought"You are you kidding me? Yes, I need to perform the final scene from The Dropout on Tuesday. I'll leave my Sunday to you. '"

Seyfried stated that she "bent over backward" for the "Wicked" role, as she played her role as the "hardest role" in her life at that time. 

But I also think it showed me how far I've gotten as a singer, something that I wanted to demonstrate.

Because since the release of 'Les Miserables I've been thinking I need to get better. The auditions are extremely scary and I'm not afraid of it I love the competition. 

I enjoy the anticipation of my agent's contact me and inform me if I won," she told the newspaper.

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