Amandla Stenberg opens up about her Star Wars experience! The actress, aged 23, spoke about her new role on Jimmy Kimmel live on Thursday, August 11th in Hollywood.

The Acolyte was set one century before the events in Star Wars Episode I --The Phantom Menace.

Amandla Stenberg Reveals the Mistake

It promises to "depict a galaxy at its peak during the era of The High Republic when Jedi were at their strongest, 

and the Sith were thought to have been exterminated from the galaxy," according to Variety.

Amandla Stenberg

After her Comic-Con role was revealed, Amandla posted a photo on Instagram where she said that it contained a mistake Lucasfilm wanted to correct.

I get this text, which is kind of like "red alert, red alarm." We have to correct something in your Instagram post announcing

that you were cast. "May the force be with you." Amandla said. "I wasn't thinking clearly!"

Amandla Stenberg