The host Mike Wolfe, age 58, promoted a fresh episode on American Pickers on Twitter but was slammed by the fury of viewers.

The History Channel star tweeted that the actor would be "picking the property of Mary Stander."

American Pickers 

Mike along with Jersey Jon Jon, often referred to by the name of Jon Szalay, are expected to "uncover two 19th century coopered columns" in the most recent installment.

However, his tweet received severe criticism from angry viewers. One critic wrote: "No one cares anymore. It's a disaster with or without Frank."

Another one has blasted: "The show is a comedy. I've been selling and buying for over 47 years and I think everything they've ever done has been a sham.

"It's an improvised show but it's as usual ..." Another added: "You have lost your viewers. This is why your show has interspersed segments that have Frank in them,

in with the brand new segments. This way, viewers will continue to be watching your show.

American Pickers critics

Each time I see an update on a Picker, it's simply an opportunity to remind me that the person is supposed to replace Frank.

Viewers have been asking the executive producers to remove Robbie who was 60. He took over Frank who was 56, in the show.

The fans have stated that they aren't warming up for Frank's successor.

American Pickers critic Frank Fritz

They claimed that Robbie was an unlucky character on the show and was the reason for the ratings slump.