Sofia Vergara has hit the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent. The actress appeared on the latest show of the NBC talent show

On Tuesday (June 21st), Sofia gave out her Golden Buzzer to an all-female dance group on Tuesday (June 21). Mayas following their stunning audition.

Before performing the group, founded within Lebanon through choreographer Nadim Cherfan was able to explain why they made the move here to the U.S. to try and follow their dream of being on AGT.

Lebanon isn't considered to be the place to develop a career in dancing, which is why it's difficult and more challenging for women." Nadim explained.

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The contestants had promised that the performance will "hypnotize" the judges, the dancers put on an impressive performance of perfectly synchronized movements as well as flawless dance.

There are no words to express to you what we felt there, Sofia gushed after her audition. It was one of the most beautiful and creative dance I've ever witnessed."

And with a smile, Sofia slammed the Golden Buzzer, meaning that the Mayyas will head straight to live shows.