"America's Got Talent" came back to NBC with a new crop of talented contestants, with judges and host Terry Crews wasting no time in selecting their favorite performers.

The five golden buzzers of Season 17 have been awarded in episodes viewers can view when they have the Peacock membership.

Terry Crews gave the first award of the season in the opening ceremony to the saxophonist Avery Dixon, 

while Howie Mandel took 11-year-old Madison Taylor Baez right to the live performances after having heard her amazing rendition of 'Amazing Grace.

Simon Cowell's choice for the third time was 13-year-old singer Sarah James, who was able to travel from Poland to take on the prize of $1 million.

Sofia Vergara withheld her golden buzzer until the dancing group hypnotizing Mayyas appeared on stage,

and Heidi Klum was awarded the last one of Season 17 following Lily Meola's performance had convinced her to reconsider her decision on who to choose as a performer.

Who are The Lads? The Lads include Jack Atherton from the United Kingdom and Tiago Figueiredo, from Portugal.

They show off a spectacle that features an acrobatic base and a flyer are balanced on top of one another in an acrobatic  It brings together strength as well as agility and flexibility.