Amy Grant is improving her recovery process. The performer is getting better every day while recovering from her serious bicycle crash in July which resulted in her being unconscious.

The publicist for Grant, Velvet Kelm, told ET on Sunday that the singer was "making progress every day... she has a concussion and has needed a lot of down time and peace & quiet to recover.

On the 27th of July "That's What Love Is For" singer was admitted to Vanderbilt hospital for treatment of bruises 

and cuts after falling while cycling with a pal from Nashville. Grant was wearing his helmet moment of the accident.

Kelm informs ET that while Grant is riding around, she struck an open road and was thrown off her bike.

She smashed her head brutally and fell unconscious for around 10 minutes before being transported by ambulance to a hospital.

The husband of Grant, Vince Gill, confronted his wife's tragic accident on stage at Ryman Auditorium on Saturday

Amy Grant 

and also took his daughter Corinna performing onstage to perform a special rendition of the song Gill composed for Grant named "When My Amy Prays.