Amy Schumer is speaking out about her experience in recovering from postpartum. She begins by explaining why she decided to let her go to Penn Badgley's wife as her doula.

In an appearance on "You" actor's Stitcher podcast " Podcrushed," she admitted that she was insecure following the birth of her son Gene contributed to the reason

she decided to end her relationship with her wife Domino Kirke. She was there to support Doula's work during her pregnancy.

The truth is that it was unfair to Domino after having Gene I was recuperating from a c-section."

Amy Schumer

Schumer said. "Domino appears to be the goddess. She's like a floating siren throughout the house.I was like, I can't have this Botticelli goddess floating around my home

"Dear Chelsea" podcast, she didn't have a preference in either direction," noting, "You only want your children to be happy and healthy.

Amy revealed that she believes Gene may end up being diagnosed in the near future. the line.

She Fired Penn Badgley's Wife

It's due to the fact that her husband has been diagnosed with cancer a several years ago when he was an adult.

I believe the data are fairly strong in the direction of he'll likely be autistic," Schumer told Handler.

I'm not trying to find any indications that is causing me grief, but I'm not expecting anything in the least.