It was discovered it was revealed that Angelina Jolie was the plaintiff whose name is not known who was behind the FBI lawsuit.

There was speculation over who was seeking to sue the FBI to get information about the investigation of an instance of suspected domestic violence aboard a private plane in the past.

The suit was made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and the plaintiff is seeking details "about the investigation conducted by the agency of

the incident that involved domestic violence that took place some time ago, involved the plaintiff as well as her children as witnesses and victims.

A new report by Puck discovered Puck's report revealed that Angelina had in fact confessed to

Angelina Jolie

the FBI Agent the fact that Brad "physically as well as verbally attacked" her and their children while they were on the plane.

According to the notes of the agent at the moment, Bradallegedly was said to have taken Angelina to at the rear of the aircraft then snatched her shoulders and yelled, "You're f***ing up this family.

Angelina also claimed that during the same flight, another altercation took place and caused her to suffer injuries, including to her elbow.

Following the incident special agent had a meeting together with the deputy U.S. attorney and concluded that they will not pursue criminal charges,

She also claimed she was aware that Bradwas drinking at the time and the habit of pouring beer on her. Brad's team denies any accusations.

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which led Angelinato to file an anonymous Freedom of Information Act suit against the FBI to request documents that pertain to the federal investigation of Brad