A rep for the actress said Monday that she was "in critical condition" after Friday's fiery automobile crash.

Her spokesperson said that Anne Heche was unconscious within minutes of the accident and fell into a coma.

She suffered a severe pulmonary injury that required mechanical ventilation. She also needed to have burns treated surgically.

Blood of the actress to determine if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.

Anne Heche

Officers suspect that Heche, 53 years old, was intoxicated when her Mini Cooper blue drove into an LA house. This set off a huge fire that burned both her car and her car.

Anne Heche

We received information this morning about a warrant that had been obtained on the same day of the traffic collision (August 5).

According to a representative from the LAPD, the warrant was for drawing blood. An investigation is currently ongoing pending the results of the blood tests.

If Heche is found intoxicated, [heche] could face misdemeanor DUI hit-and-run charges. So far, no arrests have been made.

In Heche's car's cupholder, you can see a red-capped bottle. This photo TMZ reports was taken prior to the accident.

Anne Heche

Eyewitnesses claim that the actress crashed into a garage at an apartment complex nearby, but then backed up and raced off before anyone could help.

Officials from the LAPD West Traffic Division confirmed that she struck another vehicle before smashing into the house that burst into flames.