Anne Heche was caught in Los Angeles' home she crashed her Mini Cooper into and it burned for 45 minutes, according to records.

NBC4 published timestamped audio file on Thursday, detailing the response of the Los Angeles Fire Department to the Aug. 5 Mar Vista accident that killed the actress.

"Given the smoke and heavy fire conditions, it wasn’t that you could see into the vehicle or be able access it," Deputy Chief Richard Fields stated to the outlet.

The recordings show that the LAFD arrived at 11:01 a.m. on that day. It realized in seconds that someone was "stuck within the vehicle".

Fields clarified however that the dispatcher was talking about Lynne Michele, who was the owner of the home at the time.

Anne Heche laid to rest

Although firefighters believed that there were no additional victims at 11:18 a.m., Heche was seen at 11:25 "pushed against the floorboard" by Heche and "inaccessible in her car."

Fields stated that the person who was inside the vehicle was not on the driver's side, but rather on the floorboard in the passenger seat.