Anne Heche's oldest son is speaking about her death at the age of 53. Homer Laffoon, Anne's son with ex Coley Laffoon,

issued an official statement this Thursday (August 12,) for his father along with his older brother Atlas.

Anne's death was confirmed on the morning following her being officially certified brain dead. She is still on life support to ensure her organs are able to be donated.

My Brother Atlas, as well as me, lost mom," Homer said to people. "After 6 days of insane emotional turbulence, I'm in a state of deep and unspoken sadness.

I'm hoping that my mom is free of suffering and is beginning to think about what I would like to think of as her ultimate freedom.

Homer also added "Over the course of those 6 days hundreds of family members, friends and admirers showed their affection to me.

I am thankful for their support, just as well as my dad's support, Coley, and my step-mom Alexi

Anne Heche's Son Homer

who have been my rock throughout this difficult period of time. "Rest in Peace, Mommy I love you!" the singer said.