The actor who portrays NoHo Hank from"Barry," the HBO show "Barry" -- began losing hair during his 20s.

When he reached 30 years old, he was required be wearing false eyelashes as well as hairpieces in order to portray his character in "The Forgotten."

In an interview with The Post, Carrigan detailed that a "number of people" said that he was no longer able to book any acting roles due to losing his hair.

I was told that I wasn't attractive anymore," the actor 42 recalls. "I was told I wouldn't be able to get roles. It was something I was afraid of hearing from an early age.

However, the criticisms only increased his determination to take on the roles he truly wanted.

Anthony Carrigan

"It gave me the passion and lit a fire to prove them wrong," he said. "And this is the way I've been working.

He said, "I feel like these times everyone is trying to be a part of the same group to some degree and I'm wondering who is special?

This is where the exciting material comes from. This is where the most interesting performances originate from.