It's not a secret that entrepreneur Tammy Rivera and rapper Waka Flocka have been through bumps and valleys during their marriage.

The couple had issues with infidelity, as well as bouts of separation because of Waka Flocka's sexual inclinations. However, they have always been able recover and affirm their love to one another.

However, breakup gossip has been circulating concerning the couple through the time. While many people were of the opinion that the 

rumors didn't last because of the couple's shared reality show, it seems that what's being said in the streets can be true.

Waka as well as Tammy Rivera have actually called their relationship over. While you might believe that the couple could rekindle their romance in the near future

Although Tammy and Waka both Tammy along with Waka have confirmed that their union is over,

Tammy Rivera and Rapper Waka

the two parties aren't revealing the reasons behind their divorce. Since Tammy was open about it in her diary that 

the couple was currently filming, it is likely that the ending of their romance will serve as the central theme of the season.