Ashton Kutcher has revealed that an auto-immune disorder had affected him and left him unable to hear, see or walk.

Two months ago, I suffered from this strange, extremely rare vasculitis type which, in a way, destroyed my vision, blocked my ears,

and it knocked out my entire equilibrium." Kutcher was 44 when he gave an exclusive sneak peek of "Running Free With Bear Grylls: The Challenge

The "That 70s Show" the show's alumnus stated that it took him approximately one year to get each sense again.

Vasculitis is a rare autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation of blood vessels, leading to the blood flow being restricted,

There are a variety of types of vasculitis, however, the majority have at least one organ affected.

Ashton Kutcher

It's hard to enjoy it until it's gone" Kutcher told. "Until you think"I don't know if ever I'm going to see again I'm not sure how long

it will take me to be capable of hearing again, and I do not know if I'm ever going to stroll again.' "[I'mfortunate to be alive today," he said.

Recovered from his health scare that left him in a state of shock, the "No No-Sessentials" actor has said that he will not let any obstacle stop him from achieving the success he has achieved.