It was irrelevant whether it mattered if Baker Mayfield was playing well or not for the Cleveland Browns, he was always entertaining in his commercials for Progressive Insurance. 

Unfortunately, the "at home with Baker Mayfield" commercials are about to come close to a conclusion.

Baker Mayfield

Mayfield He was acquired from the Carolina Panthers last Wednesday and announced that 

Baker Mayfield

he's finished creating commercials of this type together with Progressive at this Tuesday's initial press conference.

Mayfield stated that he would like to make a version of a moving away version of his commercials for Progressive. It didn't happen.

Mayfield's image has taken an affront over the last couple of months, both on and off the pitch.

Baker Mayfield Salary

Yet, Mayfield is confident he'll be able to gain his teammates and gain their trust in Carolina.

Baker Mayfield

I am a huge fan of playing this game and I have a lot of amusement doing it. I'm going by myself as I play it, Mayfield said, via the team's official website.

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I'm going challenge you, I'm going test myself, and the fans will get to know the real myself.