Baker Mayfield agreed to give up a portion of his guaranteed salary to facilitate a trade for the Carolina Panthers, 

but he would not accept as big the pay cut that the team he was acquiring would have preferred.

Baker Mayfield Salary

Joseph Person and Zac Jackson of The Athletic shared some details on Friday concerning the two-month negotiations which eventually led to Mayfield being transferred away from his former team, 

the Cleveland Browns to the Panthers. Mayfield was initially due $18.8 million in 2022 which was the last year in his contract as a rookie.

All the money was guaranteed, however, Mayfield, who was the previous No. one overall pick was willing to join $3.5 million towards incentives for Carolina.

The Panthers reported that they demanded Mayfield accept the pay cut of $7 million. He refused.

Baker Mayfield Salary

The final decision was that the Browns were willing to take $10.5 million, and Carolina will be paying $4.86 million with a guarantee. 

Mayfield will still be able to earn the total $18.8 million through certain incentives, such as the possibility of a Pro Bowl selection or the Panthers reaching the playoffs.

If the Panthers really believe in Mayfield as a quarterback who can be a starter and are satisfied with the contract. 

They're responsible at less than five million in the event that things don't go according to plan. If Mayfield assist them in reaching the 

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playoffs or make it to it to the Pro Bowl, they will be willing to pay an additional $3.5 million.