There were rumors that the cast was icing Malaysia Pargo before the Season 10 premiere episode of "Basketball Wives."

Malaysia had a falling out with Brandi Maxiell. The cause of their problems would be revealed on the show.

Malaysia believes Brandi lost her friendship after she was fired from the program. She felt that Malaysia could have done more for her job. 

She claimed she tried to keep Brandi on her show, as did Malaysia. However, her plan to continue filming scenes alongside Brandi did not save her.

Malaysia Pargo,

She believes Brandi wanted her out of the show because she was loyal. Malaysia was not going to do it because she had children to care for.

As the episode progressed, Brandi's true feelings about Malaysia emerged. She stated to the other women that she did not trust Malaysia.

Brandi immediately labeled Malaysia messy when she showed up at an event with a woman who had dated Angel Brinks child's father.

One person asked, "Did production create that girl Ashlee to become Malaysia's friend to get messy?"

The blogger replied, "Lol basically." They weren't really close friends. Another person asked: "Is Malaysia coming home next year?"

Spilling BBW Tea answered, "I'm afraid no." She continued, "I don't even believe she's coming to reunion."

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