All Virgin River supporters who are #TeamBrady, be alert! We have good news for all #TeamBrady fans who have already watched season 4.

To keep you going, Benjamin Hollingsworth will star opposite Grey's Anatomy's Juicy Elliott in a new Hallmark movie, Romance in Style.

She meets Derek, a dashingly handsome man who is taking over the magazine's management from his father. The "Prince of Publishing", Ella, quickly forms an alliance to transform The Look. 

They help The Look expand its fashion definition and make women of all sizes feel at home. They are a sparkly couple. This is a rom-com.

He said that all of us were behind the message of the movie, which was body positivity and body inclusion in the fashion industry and representation.

"So, for us, it is a bit of an obligation to make this film a good movie so that anyone struggling with those issues would not feel just heard or seen."

They might feel better about themselves or be encouraged to see the beauty in them instead of what society tells them.