Bethenny Frankel will be giving away business information on TikTok. Lesson No. 1. How to negotiate a way to get out of a contract using 

the aid of an inconsistency. That's the way she managed to declare goodbye to the Real Housewives of New York City.

Many believed that I quit my job with the Housewives due to the money," she added. "If I had stayed, it would have been due to the money. I decided to leave because I wanted to go. I was ready to go.

The reason I did this was based on a technical point to justify my decision," Frankel explained. I'd lost a person who was very close to me,

and I had to go to work the moment the show returned. I wanted to stay home and not. Pros play hurt. I'm a professional. I'm on time. I deliver. 

This is my name in the business world. This was the reason for the new term and this new phrase as a result of Housewives across

different cities who had chosen not to film due to their dislike of the other women, and they had conflicts with each other. Therefore, they decided not to film,

She added, "So it became a matter which required them to include the clause into all contractsas they did with the Bethenny clause that is named after me.

The new clause stated that if you don't show up in an episode, you won't get paid for it. It doesn't seem reasonable. 

This doesn't make sense to me since I already knew that the company producing the show stated, 'We'll never broadcast an episode without you. They said this in a direct manner.

The receipts are there. I knew I'm professional and there's no circumstance where I couldn't be on time for work.

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