Bette Midler is under fire on social media for tweeting concerning her comments about the " erasure" of 

Bette Midler

women as a result of Supreme Court's ruling to uphold Roe V. Wade, remarks that some have deemed as transphobic.

On Sunday at what was believed as a nod to Roenews, Midler tweeted, "WOMEN OF THE World! We are being denied our rights to our bodies, lives, and even of our names! 

The term 'women' is no longer used now; they refer to us 'birthing child' or people with vaginas! Do not let the media erase your name! Every human being on this planet has a debt to you!"

The tweet caused the internet with a storm of debate that drew more than 20,000 comments and a substantial portion of which criticize 

Midler for her use of language is considered to be anti-trans because it did not include transgender people who require abortion services.

In the midst of the typical intense reactions in Twitter the writer Katie Mack summed up the issue in a tweet from Midler. 

"The term "pregnant" encompasses pregnant women as well as those who are pregnant, but aren't women. 

This doesn't discredit women in any way but it is more inclusive. I am female. My friends aren't women, but they can become pregnant. The language they use doesn't harm me.

She added, "It was about the same old shit women all women - endured since the time of the cavemen. Men were also given the top spot."

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