I am taking this opportunity to thank our family and friends for their prayers and the love they have shown us.

Denise Dowse

With a sorrowful heart that I share with all of you that my sister Denise Dowse has gone forward to be with our family in the afterlife," Tracey Dowse wrote on Saturday night.

Beverly Hills, 90210" actress "Beverly Hills 90210" star was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and has been spending the last week in a coma fighting meningitis that was severe. 

Doctors did not provide a timeframe or when she would regain consciousness because the condition was "not medically caused." The actress passed away less than a week after her death.

"Denise Dowse, aka Yvonne Dowse, was the most incredible sister, an outstanding talented actress, mentor, and director.

She was my absolute favorite friend and my final one of my relatives," the actress' sister said in the blog post.

Tracey has also spoken to Denise's followers and her fans. "Denise loved you all. I am sure she is keeping watch over us, with the full love she can give," Dowse wrote.

Denise's sister requested peace and prayers throughout this period. She'll later give details regarding her funeral and "her Celebration of Life," she stated.