Beyonce will alter a song on Renaissance to remove an offensive or ableist term.

Beyoncé will change a lyric

The album's 11th track, "Heated," features Beyonce, Drake, and the word "spaz". This term, which disability activists call an "ableist slur", is found on the album's 11th song.

NPR's email conversation with Beyonce's publicist revealed that the lyrics would be altered.

Beyoncé Is On TikTok

The publicist stated that the word would be replaced if it was not misused in a negative way.


It is not the first time that artists have been criticized for using the term.

Beyoncé will change a lyric From her latest Song

After receiving similar criticism, Lizzo modified a lyric in one of her songs in June.

Beyoncé will change a lyric

Diviney said that I believed we had changed the music industry. He started a global discussion about why ableist language, whether intentional or not, has no place in music.