Remember back when Mermaid's hair, a Mermaid-style that involved sweeping the lower torso, was in fashion? We all refused to trim our hair and instead slathered Moroccan Oil on it.

I hoped it would turn into long, beautiful beachy waves similar to Blake Lively's. The past few years have seen a shift in hairstyles and we now prefer more practical and easy styles. The bob is here.

The bob style is now the most searched for in the world, with an average of 222,580 monthly searches!

The bun was next (85.890 average monthly search) and bangs/fringe (38.530 average monthly searches).

Adam explains that the jacket can be worn straight for a clean, sharp look or with texture added for something more textured.

Talk to your stylist to determine what style will work best for you. They will take into account your face shape and how you dress each day.

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