If you've had the pleasure of meeting Brad Pitt twice and he doesn't remember your name don't get offended. The 58-year-old star is certain that he suffers from prosopagnosia.

Oft, it is referred to as "face-blindness" the condition is thought to be caused by issues in the area of the brain 

that regulates the perception of faces and memory, making those who suffer from its inability to distinguish faces.

I'm not sure if anyone will believe me! He says this in The magazine's September 2022 issue, that his feelings of "ashamed" for being unable to recognize people in social situations.

I'd like to get to know someone else with the disorder," he confesses to the writer of GQ and editor, who claims Brad is struggling to 

remember people he meets and to recognize their faces. Brad is concerned that this has led to an impression of him as distant and inaccessible and insecure and self-absorbed.

While he's never been diagnosed, he's spoken about his issues before and told Esquire in the year 2013 that 

"he was worried about people hating him because they feel I'm a disgrace to them" since he's not able to recognise them.

So, I'm staying in my home," he explained at the time.

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